Inertia Canceller-true Science Fact

The truth that this automatic technological seatbelt does in fact exist.

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  The above picture is a picture from a patent pending in the United states Government office for patents. Yes the Inertia canceler is real period it is not my fault the people are stupid. gee after all Einstein told you all that ANY FORCE CAN BE MANIPULATED. That means that all manipulation of any force can easily be achieved.

First let us define inertia..Inertia-The force that keeps a body at motion to stay at motion and a body at rest to stay at rest.

The picture above is proof positive that this piece of machinery is now science fact. If you all would stop criticizing the intelligent ones pick up Albert Einstein’s book On relativity and all his works and start reading you will finally understand that all this is simple physics we are running out of time as a race we need to come to some common grounds and start acting more LOGICAL and Ethical and come to terms to the truth Evolution is a lie, religions have lied we have to get the facts and i made it easy for you to start here


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