How to Make Napalm and Smoke Bombs

How to make these, use carefully.

How to make Napalm                              

- Pour some gas into an old bowl  or some kind of container.

- Get some styrofoam and put it in the gas  until the gas won’t

eat anymore. You should have a sticky syrup.

- Put it on the end of something  or throw it(don’t touch it!!). The unused

stuff lasts a long time!

- light it and it sticks to things while being on fire, this is just how to make sticky stuff that lights not the high grade one that explodes.

- experiment with it, attach to things and slingshot or something :D

Smoke Bombs

there are 2 ways to make smoke bombs heres how

- getting high quality ping pong balls (not bad plastic ones, they flame alot) and then wrap it in foil with a chimney sort of thing at the top, 

- hold it or put it on something and light the bottom of the foil, this will heat the ball and smoke will come through the top eventually,

- too make it bigger put a hole in the ping pong ball and cut up other ping pong balls and put them inside the one with a hole

Method 2

- Getting some pottasium nitrate – this is also called salt peter which can be bought at gardening shops

- get some sugar then mix with the pottasium nitrate at this ratio

4 parts sugar

6 parts potassium nitrate

- heat over low heat while stirring carefully until melted or mixed together and then light it

- one pound or half a kilo of this will smoke up very much :D  

- experiment with these and try making pull switch containers so you got cod like smoke bombs

The ping pong ones are easier to make but dont smoke alot

The potassium nitrate one is harder to make but lights alot

Thanks  and use carefully :D

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