How to Make and Use Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

Learn that how to make and use a crystal pendulum dowsing for healing, predicting and for divination purposes.

Pendulum dowsing is a great art rather than a pure science. It let you predict and feel about something in which you feel difficulty. Pendulum is also use in various daily life fields. The true history of pendulum was start from China and Japan where intelligent people used pendulum to find the gender in eggs, mostly for hen eggs. Later this technique equipped with various methodologies and now it is vastly used in the field of future predictions and for healing methods. In Homeopathy pendulum dowsing is a great art in which a Homeopath determined the exact disease and the remedy potency of his patient.

How to make a crystal pendulum: Wrap an oval shaped crystal or glass in a length of flexible wire, place a small handle at the top of the oval. Then attach one end of the rope or flexible wire at the end of the loop and your pendulum is ready. Don’t forget to charge your pendulum by a salty bath or through a sun bath.

How to use crystal pendulum: Assign each directional swing a ready made answer by thinking the crystal pendulum to feels you what are the best answers of your questions. For example a vertical swing is an answer in No and a horizontal swing will be an answer in Yes and if it moves in a circle then the answer is neutral.

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