How Religion Ruined The World

This is an opinionated article based on opinions not completely of my own. I believe in God. I will not state my direct religion. This article is an opinion of the result of the practices of some of the earliest churches.

During the Medieval era there were many controversies based on religion and science.

Few people realize that certain practices of religion in fact halted science by over 600 years.

These practices may be the entire reason that we are not currently exploring the stars.

There are planets that show qualities such as our own planet was considered unique to.

If not for certain practices of particular religions we may already have several planets under our populations.

For hundreds of years people were forced to believe in certain statements given by scholars before churches were allowed the immense power over civilizations.

Theories such as the world being flat were treated as statements and those who appealed it were said to have been executed.

In this article I will not be stating any particular religion as to avoid being brought to any charges because of opposite claims in opinion.

Religion was in part if not entirely used against the world to prevent its growth and innovation.

For nearly six hundred years introduction to new ideas or theories were immediately stomped from the minds of creative thinkers for thought that it would be used to destroy the ideas of religion and be used to entirely remove the idea of religion in general.

Now that the church has been overthrown and is no longer able to hold back the further advancements of science; our government is now to look at.

Science would already be much farther ahead of probably all of the other nations if not for our patent laws.

Briefly, now large companies can steal any ideas in two ways:

First, if they see the idea before it is patented, all they must do is draw it out and purchase the patent and even with proof of invention the idea will be considered theirs.

Secondly, if a person is to patent an idea all it takes is a few simple modifications to consider it a whole new patent and then would most likely not be able to dispute the claim without millions of dollars.

Even colleges will steal students ideas nowadays.

Most colleges have statements in papers that you are required to sign in order to attend the school.

This statements require that 40% of any invention is considered property of the college while attending that particular college.

For more information on this perhaps you should read about the college students that invented Google.

Patents also now last for 30-50 years before the invention can be used in further innovations.

By the time the patent wears off the technology that could be invented or furthered is considered useless.

Even now we our government has inventions from famous inventors that they “confiscated” to avoid the furthering of our worlds knowledge.

Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, they were all dead before they were able to turn any real recognition of their inventions.

Nikola invented the first electric death ray – what would be considered the first weapon of mass destruction.

Leonardo’s publishings are only 1/3rd released to the public while most of his anatomy discoveries were ignored until proven during the eighties.

Albert Einstein also has publishings concealed by our government.

Scientist like Tesla were considered to be mad by the followers of certain religions as well as our government and overtime, our society.

Tesla died at the age of 86 in a one room apartment with nothing to show for his works.

In the early 1900’s Tesla tested an invention that shut off all power for an entire city and drew lightning charges that could be seen for 40 square miles.

No longer can I rant and make statements about what is hidden to us by our government and ourselves.

We are closed to creative thinking and imaginative value.

If you happen to have an opinion in this matter please state it below.

-Gregory Scheffer

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