Gravity Powered Machines and Thermodynamics

Gravity powered machines.. There are patents on them, and they have to have working machines to get this type of patent. They operate on the same principle as a weight on one side and a pail to lift water on the other side with this ancient egyptian machine the same in use to lift water on the Nile except the water lifted being used to power a machine as it refalls to Earth such as a hydroelectric turbine.

  The balance of the weight OF THE BEAM ITSELF connecting the bucket and weight multiplies up the force of the opposite masses like the power steering of a Mazda, except the gravity of the earth won’t wear out, a possibility I here consider. The amount of flow of the field remains almost the same with time, like hydroelectric power, but what powers the field itself is my question. While lifting the weight the force is saved, and to balance the empty bucket and the weight it’s easier to shift the center of the machine as the water unloads to the wheel or other machine to then relower the machine, and when loading the bucket it’s easier to move the center of balance by way of the weight of both the beam and the counterweight to reload and lift the water. This works because of what a machine is, better than without. This is true if you consider that lifting a 500 pound weight with your hands is much tougher than lifting it with a machine, if the machine has “power steering” you can move the wheels from side to side with much more power out than you use to move the control. There’s more power out of lifting the water and letting it fall than input, you can do my simple experiment to prove this, CLICK HERE PLEASE To my site Encyclopedia Computoria. Click here for several patents on gravity powered machines,(Patentstorm) see field of invention. Freepatents online has other patents, Click Here for more.

If you have a machine in flowing water like a river parallel to the surface like a see saw with buckets on the beams, power can be gotten from the horizontal flow of the river by alternately changing the angle of the cups so one lifts a motor while the other goes upstream, and then this is reversed for more power in cycles, indefinitely. This would be explained for the similar gravity power machines not by Einstein’s belief that the field is just empty space, and it would well fit in with my idea of the flow of a resilient gravitational field through the machine. a field in general definition in physics is what changes at many locations in space, but Einstein’s faith in empty space here seems unfounded. How can just nothing change and change continuously in a regular way for all the points of field around the machine? 

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