Gravity is Nothing

Gravity is Nothing.

Many people have heard the story when Newton sitting under an apple tree, and suddenly an apple fell into his head and then Newton’s theory of gravity issue.

But after some time had passed, physicists know that gravity is a very strange law of physics.

Compared to other basic interaction force, gravity is very difficult to digest. The reason for this anomaly may be explained: the interaction force of gravity is not fundamental, but it is a derivative of the other fundamental forces.

Professor Erik Verlinde (48 years), theorist and professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam, proposed a new theory of gravity, as reported by the New York Times, on July 12, 2010.

He argued in a recent paper, titled “The origin of gravity and Newton’s Law” that gravity is a consequence of thermodynamic laws.

Twist the logic of science 300 years old, with the argument put forward that gravity is an illusion that causes so much trouble in the world of physics, or at least among those who claim to understand it.

“For me, gravity does not exist,” said Dr. Verlinde. Not that one can not fall to the ground, but Dr. Verlinde, together with other premises physicist, thinks that the science of gravity by looking in the wrong way and there is something more fundamental cause of gravity is “incurred”, such as how the stock exchange may arise from the collective symptoms of the individual investor or how the elasticity arising from the mechanical properties of atoms.

The core of the theory may be related to the lack of regularity in the physical system. The argument is what you can say is “the worst hair day” theory of gravity. Situation like this: curl your hair with heat and humidity because there are many things yag cause your hair to curly rather than straight, and nature likes some options.

Then the necessary strength to make the hair straight and reduces the natural option. Forget the distance curve and the pull of the equation described in Isaac Newton. Dr. Verlinde formulate the proposition that the force we call gravity is a natural tendency of the lack of uniform product of the maximum.

Professor Verlinde theory is that gravity is essentially an entropic force. Moving objects around a smaller object will change the objects surrounding the lack of uniform and the gravity of the object will fail. Based on the idea of ​​the Holographic theory, he can describe Newton’s second law of mechanics. In addition, his theory of the physics of inertial mass is also a new understanding.

Many physicists think that the theory of Dr. Verlinde less explanation. What is gravity? Hongzi Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, says in “Decomposition of the Fa at the Conference of Canada in 2001:

“Why the phenomenon of gravity as it is said to be human? Since all life and all substances, including air, water and everything on earth and the Three Realms, ie all the objects that exist within the Three Realms is composed by particles of all different levels within the Three Realms, and the particles is different from the levels different is interrelated. “

“The linkage of this kind within the scope of the Three Realms can be elongated and move under appeal. In other words, if you pull it, he can extend like a rubber band, and when released will return again. That there is a basic form of existence and stable inter-particle particles. This is why as long as you move any object in the environment of this earth, he would return to the ground. “

Research about the universe in modern science is fundamentally based on the theory of gravity. If gravity did not exist, then our understanding of galaxy and structure of the universe is also wrong. This is probably the reason why researchers sometimes difficult space to explain the movement of the gravity of distant celestial bodies and the need to use the concept of “dark matter” to help align the equation.

The new theory of gravity may be some light shed those pesky cosmic problems found by the scientists of physics, such as dark energy, a kind of anti-gravity that seems to enhance the expansion of the universe, or dark matter are expected to support the galaxy as a whole. It may be able to simulate the scientists to look for a new understanding of the universe.

“Since long time we have to know that gravity does not exist,” said Dr. Verlinde. “Now is the time to voice them.”

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