Faster Than Light?

Was light no more a barrier than sound?

There was a time in which people believed that nothing could go faster than sound save light. If one tried to break the ‘Sound Barrier’ all sorts of terrible things would happen. 

Then Chuck Yaegar broke the sound barrier.

Today, planes fly faster than sound.  It is no marvel. 

In 1905 Einstein therorised that nothing could move faster than light.  No matter how fast a space craft could go, it could never reach the speed of light. 

In 2011, scientists at Cern thing they’ve found a particle that goes faster than light.  So nervous, they tested it 15,000 times, then hesitantly, muttered that they think they broke the ‘light barrier’ and ask for their results to be checked.

If the results are a glitch in their equipment, everyone can sigh with relief. They can grip their Special Therory of Relativity and go back to what they were doing yesterday.

But if these neutrinos have gone faster, if light is no more a barrier than sound, the possibilities that open are without limit.

The questions many people asked, especially those without PH.ds;  “How did sound know it was a barrier? How did light become the limit?”   Others recognise that instruments built by limited beings, such as people , would themselves be limited.  Perceptions by those who have set abilities can not be used as a facts. 

Dogs hear better than humans, bats see better than humans, hence with examples of superior abilities in our midst, is it that strange that we could be limited by our senses?

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