Every Moment Changing Earth’s Surface

In the light of latest Plate Tectonics

After the deep study and practical observations of latest “Plate Tectonics”, the experts have presented the shape of the earth in different periods of time, according to which the earth has been changing its place and shape for the millions of years, the actual reason for this is the change and mobilization in the volume of the underground plate.

Since 250 million years ago the shape of earth was consisted on a very big continent, which was popular with the name of “Pangaea”. The Pangaea continent consisted on countries like Eurasia, South America, North America, Africa, India, Antarctica and Australia.

Then slowly and gradually these countries started separating from each other due to intervention of sea. Now they are present in the shape of separate continents. Research prove that in the stone age the Southern share of British Islands and Sweden joined with the continent Europe and the Northern part of Atlantic ocean acquired the shape of marshy field. The area where there is water nowadays by that time they were rather dry.

At the same time “Siberia Alaska” (An American State) got connected with the narrow passage of land (bridge shape). The joining of these areas happened across “Bering Strait”. Seeing the earth, seemingly we have a delusion that since the creation of earth till now, there has not been a little change in the shape of the earth. Only it looks like that this planet is still the same for centuries. The things created at any particular place are still their after passing of million of year in the same size and shape as were on the very first day of their creation.

But it is not possible according to the universal law of organization. The fact is that all around the earth all the above mentioned characteristics have been continuously constructing and destroying it since the creation of earth till now. For e.g. look at the lakes and glaciers, all the big and small lakes are continuously passing through the phase of drying.

In this respect if you see the shape of the earth, the long series of glaciers from North Pole to South Pole had concealed the 1/4th part of the earth. And gradually these glaciers are moving forward, they destroy the mountains, changed the way of old rivers and some new rivers were also grown. Air and water are also giving it new shape by cutting it. At some places the earth has acquired strange shape and at some places it looks like small and big steeples, heaps of rocky rubble can also be seen at some places.

The creation of these shapes have been carried out by the natural factors themselves, which have many earthen reasons, but the most important reason is the weakening of the solid and strong rocks to the extent that at last they become the rubble of sand, or present an example of natural sculptural making, this weakening is due to the relation between air and crust of the earth. Climate, environment and their ancillaries are very much responsible for this type of change.

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  1. gwezsetyo Says...

    On February 20, 2012 at 1:21 am

    nice share…

  2. Gail Dodona Says...

    On October 3, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    I will trust the true scientist who uses facts, or states wild speculations as such. Not one who merely repeats bullshit a dung beetle would not touch like “Since 250 million years ago…”. Give me the true and honest scientist who says, we do not really know how long ago, but, it was long.

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