Equations and Formulas of Physics

Here, I have compiled the equations of physics for Advance Subsidiary (As) and Alevel students.

Density  p= mass m/volume v
Momentum = mass x velocity (mv)
Force = mass x acceleration (ma)
F= mv-mu/t
pressure = force F/area A or h
work/energy = force x distance (FD)
power = work done W/time taken t
electrical charge Q = current I x time t
Potential difference (p.d) = energy (work done) E/ charge Q
resistance = potential difference V / current I
Tension Ft = m(a+g)
Weight = mg
speed = distance/time
velocity = displacement/time
acceleration= change in velocity / time = v-u/t
S= ut + 1/2 at^2
v^2= u^2 + 2as
Impulse = F x t
P.E = mgh
K.E= 1/2 mv^2
Efficiency = energy output / energy input
gravitational field strength = F/m
speed = frequency X wavelength
Intensity = power / surface area
power = 1/ focal length
magnification = image size / object size
Energy = QV
Energy of a photon = the plank constant h X frequency
Momentum of a particle = plank constant/ wavelength
Work done E = VIT
resistance = resistivity X length / cross-sectional area
P = IV
P= I^2 R
P = V^/ R
E= MC^2

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