Discovered Millions of Supermassive Black Holes, and a Thousand “Extreme” Galaxies

The U.S. space agency NASA has revealed a bunch of supermassive black holes and the "extreme" of galaxies, called "hot dogs" (hot dogs – dust-obscured galaxies – galaxies in the nebula).

With the help of the Space Telescope images Wise (WISE) have discovered millions of hazy masses of candidates for black holes throughout the universe, and about 1,000 more magličastijih facilities that are considered to be among the brightest galaxies ever detected.

It was these powerful galaxies that shine bright, infrared light, called a “hot dog”, reported by NASA.

- We discovered asteroid is moving ahead of Earth in its orbit, then the coldest orb-like star, and now the supermassive black holes and galaxies hiding behind the dust jackets. Wise has revealed a whole menagerie of hidden objects – said Hashim Hassan, mission scientist Wise.

Wise Telescope views the “whole sky” twice in infrared light, the survey was completed in early 2011. , and made millions of images.

Astronomers have identified about 2.5 million active supermassive black holes across the sky, stretching over a distance of 10 billion light years from Earth.

Scientists point out that we may now be witnessing a new, rare phase in the evolution of galaxies.

About two-thirds of these black holes ever detected before because the dust blocked their visible light. Wise, however, easy to see the “space monsters” because of this huge, black hole heat the accumulated dust, which is why they shine infrared light.

Researchers have discovered the brightest candidates for known galaxies, which was one of the main goals of the mission. So far, about 1,000 have been discovered ovakivih candidates.

These “extreme” objects can emit more than 100 trillion (thousand billion-Eng. Trillion) of light from our sun. And so are blurred to show only the longest wavelengths of infrared light that is caught Wise.

With the help of telescopes Spicer, was found further that, except as the host supermassive black holes, “hot dog” galaxies are used and the formation of new stars.

- This dusty, cataclysmic forming galaxies are so rare that Wise had to review the entire sky to find them – said Peter Ajzenhart, leader of the study. – Data show that these recorders may form their black holes rather than stars. The eggs may have been before the chicken. -

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