Chi and Science

What is chi? How is it related to the natural world? How can we harness it?

The concept of the Chi is used throughout East Asian medicine and folklore, extending to such subjects as self defense, acupuncture, and even architecture.  The Chi is purported to be a mystical energy that flows through all things.  However, until recently western medicine and science discounted the notion as superstition and fakery.  In recent times, people are beginning to look more closely at the Chi, and what it might be.

What is Chi?

Chi may be seen as a force or energy as yet unrecognized or unstudied by science.  It, like electricity, magnetism, and gravity, pervades all reality and matter, even moving through empty space.  It seems to have no scent, taste, color or texture, but some claim to be able to see or otherwise sense it.

How can it be used?

Monks of certain religious organizations and martial artists seem to be able to utilize the Chi for amplifying human abilities to withstand pain, apply forces, and heal wounds.  There are legends of people using the Chi to do wonders unimaginable by modern man.

What should we do?

We can try to study the force through experimentation and the scientific process.  We can also try an be more open-minded, unbiased and willing to study different things without preemptively calling it “unscientific” or illogical.

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