Brief: The 2Nd Law and Evolution

No, this tired statement does not hold. Negating a scientific premise must be done with the affirmed definition, not your babble.

Evolution and the Second law have no such conflict, they are at peace.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of a system will not decrease other than increasing the entropy of some other system. However, while it is applied to all systems to varying degrees it is primarily applied to isolated systems. There is only one isolated system that we as of now identify: The Universe. In order to remain constant with the second law, the universe must never at any point reveal a net loss of entropy.

The Earth is NOT an isolated system(though it is within one), not even a closed system. The Earth is an open system, which shares and takes energy from it’s surroundings. Open systems under the second law, ARE permitted to decrease in entropy as long as they increase entropy in another system.

The Earth does not utilize all the energy radiated from the sun, using what it needs and radiating the rest back into space. The sun does not need that heat it expelled to sustain itself, it needs nuclear fusion from it’s hydrogen and helium majority components, so the radiated heat is left to dissapate in space, leaving it unable to do work and the sun without recouperation which again is in alignment with the second law as the earth is contributing to the entropy of it’s surrounding system, the universe.

The Earth is not larger than the Universe. Since the Universe is the larger of the 2 systems and is isolated, the Universe’s total entropy must increase and exceed that which earth decreases it by. The contribution of entropy made by the Earth to the universe FAR outweighs any decrease of entropy experienced here on Earth because it must equalize therefore negating. Thus the total entropy of the isolated system(The universe) increases and remains constant with the second law.

If you invest 100K into a business and see 60K come back. You did not earn or gain 40K, but you;ve netted a loss of 40K, same concept applies to the universe. The Earth is allowed to decrease in entropy because the universe itself increases in entropy, thus the second law stands and is not violated by evolution in anyway.

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