Black Hole: Effects on Time

Black holes have a very powerful gravitational pull which do not even let light escape, what is strange is that they effect time in a way you can’t imagine.

Black holes are science fact, they are dead stars formed when a star dies out and uses up all its fuel. Black holes are super dense objects with a huge mass, this is why they have a strong gravitational pull. The gravitational pull of a black hole is near infinity, which is why not even light can escape it, this is why they are called black holes because they don’t reflect back any light.

It is a science fact that gravity slows time down and when the force of gravity is equal to infinity, then time completely stops or freezes. At the core of a black hole the gravitational pull is equal to infinity and this means that time completely stops but what happens to the objects trapped in the black hole? According to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, speed is indirectly proportional to time; this means that the slower the flow of time in an object the faster its speed. Thus when an object is trapped in a black hole where time is stopped then its speed should be equal to infinity or faster than the speed of light. Some scientific theory claims that objects absorbed by black holes are either tele ported to a different space-time in the universe or they travel back or forward in time.

It is also possible that when time is stopped then it is ceased to exist, meaning there is no time and thus objects absorbed by black holes might just disappear like time. Like stars, black holes also eventually die out and when they do, there is no sign of the objects they absorbed.

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  1. soradogoof Says...

    On July 22, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    I’ve always been interested in black holes, therefore this was a very interesting article and I have enjoyed reading it. Please return the favor!

  2. mirapawar Says...

    On July 23, 2010 at 6:19 am

    Very informative! I heard of black holes but did not know much about it. You have provided quite a bit of information. Thank you very much! Keep up the good writing.

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