Benefits of Exercise for The Brain

Games not only brought the body, nourish the spirit. A new study shows that parents whoregularly produce moderate to strong levels of sporting activity in the cerebellum, which isusually "silent" probably the lesions.

Benefits of exercise for the brain

Games not only brought the body, nourish the spirit. A new study shows that parentswhoregularly produce moderate to strong levels of sporting activity in the cerebellum, which isusually”silent” probably the lesions.

1238-study for people who have never suffered a stroke, is also involved. Participants how often and how often they train at the beginning of the study a questionnaire. A brain MRI scan, then runforsix years, when their average age was 70 years.

As many as 43 percent of participants reported that 36 percent do not regularly participate regularly in sports easy exercise, and are committed to 21% in regular exercise in moderation. The results of brain scan, the 197participants or 16 percent, has a small brain lesions, or infarction, ”silent strokes” called by the Show.

Those who engage in intense, to 40 percent lessthan those who do not exercise regularly to huntfora quieter. The following are the results of other researchers, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking as risk factorssuch as circulatory problems can be calculated.

However, where those in light exercise and those who do not practice it has committed nodifference.

Study of the American Academy narytntr sides of India was quoted by the Times published in theMedical Journal.

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