An Unacceptable Excuse

The issue with Nigeria power supply.

  For many years Nigerians have suffered continuous hardship due to power failure at times the whole nation is in utter darkness.


Two months ago the whole nation was in utter darkness, those in charge had to come out and say that electricity supply to the so called national grid dropped due to major fault caused by water overflow from the Shiroro hydro power plant in Niger state.


The nation was also told that the fault led to slash of 450 megawatts (mw) of electricity supply from national grid hence, making an already epileptic power supply worse and unbearable to the nation.  Though the fault has been rectified a trip to Lagos and other major cities might prove the ministry wrong.


 Nigerians are not new to all manner of excuses in justifying the ineffective government officials and government at large especially when it comes to power. Two months ago it was water over flow next it would be water shortage. What a nation of big belly professionals.


The people of Nigerian are fed up very fed up with al these excesses that make the country seem dysfunctional to the citizens and the outside world. The government needs to get their act together we do not have to remind them of their promises during election., probably they have forgotten that the epileptic power supply in the country has to a very large extent closed many business thereby leading to an already worse high unemployment in the country the recent National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) recruitment that witnessed so much large turnout has not yet hit the government on the reality of unemployment in the country.



The failure to ensure constant electricity has to an extent led private investors shy away from the nation; those that still invest have all manner of excuses as to their prices and practices. The change of name from NEPA to PHCN seems not to have worked.


Changing names without changing the attitude of the people that work there will be of zero effect.  The argument of private sectors that the tariff is to high making the sector unattractive goes on to show that serious discussion on the issue has not been given thought to. Please this the 20th century lets have constant electric power supply.


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