Albert Einstein’s Marriage and Family Life

Almost everyone knows that Albert Einstein became famous for the theory of relativity. But do you know the biography about his marriage and family life.

At the ETH in Switzerland, Einstein met Mileva Mari, a Serbian from the same year and fell in love with her. Einstein and Mari got a daughter in January 1902, Lieserl Einstein, who likely was given up for adoption. Einstein married Mileva Mari on January 6, 1903. The marriage was both a personal and an intellectual partnership: Einstein found at her her a sounding board for new ideas.

On May 14, 1904, his first son, Hans Albert Einstein was born. Also in the same year, Einstein’s got his contract at the Patent Office. He did a lot of research in this period that ultimately led to his 1905 miracle year. In 1906 Einstein was promoted as a Technical Controller second class. Einstein’s second son, Eduard Einstein, was born on July 28, 1910.

The Einstein family moved to Berlin in 1914, but Mileva could not get used to the new city. Their relationship deteriorated and Mileva moved with the children back to Switzerland. Einstein divorced from Mileva on February 14, 1919, and a half year later he married his cousin Elsa Lowenthal (birthname: Einstein Lowenthal was the surname of her first husband Max) on June 2, 1919. Einstein recieved the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1921 received. He gave the prize money to Mileva as agreed in their divorce. Later Mileva was thinking that Einstein did not contributed enough for the cost of treating their son Edward. She gave private piano lessons and math lessons in order to earn some more money for her child.

The fate of the first child of Albert and Mileva, Lieserl is unknown: some believe she died young, others do believe that she was abandoned for adoption. Eduard Einstein (nicknamed Tete) grew prosperous and he was very intelligent. He showed his interest in psychology and went after his high school studies in that direction. During the study Eduard experienced schizophrenia and he was soon able to do nothing anymore. Albert Einstein didn’t had a lot of contact with him and his mother. Mileva took care of Edward until she died on August 4, 1948. He died in 1965 at the psychiatric hospital in Zurich Burgholzli. Hans Albert became a professor in hydraulic engineering at the University of California – Berkeley, and had just like his mother and Edward not very much contact with his father. After the war, they got more contact with each other. Hans-Albert sat at the deathbed of Albert Einstein.



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