1000mw Typhoeus Series Red Laser Pointer with High Safety Standard

1000mW Typhoeus series red laser pointer. It is just the world’s only one FDA approved high power portable laser that can be legally owned by human beings. The multiple safety designs have made it a high power gadget for various kinds of applications in daily life.

What would you do once you owned the world’s most power laser? I have asked lots of my friends and try to get different answers. Most people are thinking of using it as a weapon for revenge. A high power laser pointer has made them remind of a person who has deeply hurt him. Some people are just thinking of various kinds of burning or thermal experiment with a powerful laser. A high power laser pointer would be a very helpful tool to pop balloon, light match, and light cigarette. Anyway, they have lots of ideas on dealing with a powerful laser hold in hands.

All kinds of practicability of high power laser pointer has made me an honest pursuer of this 650nm 1000mW Typhoeus series red laser pointer. It is just the world’s only one FDA approved high power portable laser that can be legally owned by human beings. Not even as bright and visible as 532nm green laser, the temporary burning and explosion are still as powerful as a same output power blue or green laser.

In order to reach high safety standard of production and operation, Typhoeus series red laser pointer is cautiously designed with multiple safety structures. Here is a sample of each part of the laser device.There are specially designed power switch and led indicator on body of the laser pointer. The LED light is blue when power switch key is in. This is just the first step to open a high power laser. In addition, there is another safe design at the bottom of laser. It is called remote connector switch. On condition of both power switch and remote connector switch work, the portable laser will work.
What’s more, these safety designs are not only manufactured to assure safety operation of this 1000mW red laser pointer. The safety designs are most important part to make it approved by US FDA and CE in Europe. All designs are enough to make this laser gadget to be the first legally owned laser in world. The high standard safety designs have made this high power laser playing an indispensible part in various kinds of experiment in daily life.

Alongside its high standard safety designs, the adjustable focus is also another high light design to make it more effective and efficient. There is specially made aperture focusing mechanism to make the portable lasers adjustable by screwing the circle to get the best light spot. The extra aperture locking mechanism near the adjustable focus circle just made it possible to fix the focus after adjusted. These carefully designed parts have made this 650nm red laser pointer workable continuously in different occasions with high performance, stable operation.
Caution with 650nm Typhoeus series 1000mW red laser pointer:
Never try to put apart it personally, or it will break laser lens and never can be recovered.
Anybody who owns this powerful portable laser should know enough safety knowledge of operation and saving. Please always put it out of reach of child and point it far away from residential districts.
Please never star at powerful beam and spot of red laser. Powerful light will bring deep hurt to retina and make blind temporarily. Please always be cautious enough and enjoy laser fans all the time.

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