What is Worry? Why Do We Worry and How to Stop Worrying?

In order to know how to stop worrying you need to have some basic idea about what is worry and why do we worry.

In order to know how to stop worrying we need to have some basic idea about what is worry and why do we worry.  


What is worry?

The simple answer might be: Worry is a style of thinking. There are mainly two kinds of worry or thoughts. One is the good worry another one is the bad worry. 

Good worry  

When we face difficulties in our real life we start thinking about how to overcome them. This thinking pattern is called good worry.

Good worry creates urge to do something about the situation. In that sense this worry is beneficial. Usually we call it positive way of thinking instead of good worry.

Bad worry  

When we fail to resolve our existing problems we start thinking about the problem itself and the bad or sinister consequences it may create in future. This form of thinking is called bad worry or simply worry.

Two things to be noted:

  • Worry starts when we stop good worry.
  • Worry is the thought of bad event which could possibly happen in future.

When we focus on disturbing thoughts instead of refreshing ones then that is worry. It’s of negative nature and sometimes we do narrate negative thinking as worry. 

Why do we worry?  

We can’t stop thinking. That means we are accumulating either good worry or bad worry. If we stop good worry then we have bad worry with us. Similarly stop bad worry then we have good worry as our companion. This is automatic and we can’t stop it. There is nothing in between these two where we can dwell. We have to be either on this side or on that side.  

Why do we worry? We worry as a result of not feeding good worry to our mind. We accommodate worry all the time making it a habit.

Every day we face problems and we do try to solve each of them. But when we realize that we are stuck with one particular problem, worry starts.  It comes from a situation where we do believe it has no solution. 

How to stop worrying?  

Worry indicates a problem that need to be sorted out. Best way to stop worrying is not to think or worry about it, at least for some time. While we can’t do anything, worrying about it repeatedly won’t change the situation.

Conscious effort is needed to stop worrying. Doing meditation of any kind could be beneficial. Mind need to be refreshed so that it may approach the problem later with more vitality. Something fruitful may come up then.

Cover of Worry

Talking with a friend might be helpful. Being in the middle of difficulties one can see only difficulties but a friend from outside may have different view.

Another approach to stop worrying is to gather courage and face the situation no matter how grave it is. There is always possibility that situation may not turn out as predicted.  

In the worst conditions the best known procedure to stop worrying is to surrender the worry to the nature or God and accept what comes. The idea is to give worry in the hands of higher intelligence and let Him do whatever it wants to do.  

We do have to remember no worry can remain permanently and for an infinite period of time. With the passage of time everything does changes, our worry too. 

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  1. Dreamy777 Says...

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    This is a very wonderful and informative article. It is so easy to worry. Thanks

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  4. neopisiva Says...

    On September 10, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Yes, you are absolutely right. It seems we never refer to good worry as a “worry”.It is just positive thinking. The word “worry” is always associated with negative thinking-of what should we do to resolve our problems and what will be the consequences.
    Bad worry is most certainly a style of thinking of those who are perfectionists or pessimists.:)

  5. CHIPMUNK Says...

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    Well explained

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    On October 31, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Brilliant – showed this to my therapist husband – and even he agrees that it’s imprtant that people understand the concepts of good worry and bad worry. Excellent post, sir. Nice to be friends on Triond too!

  13. c.j.Oliveros Says...

    On November 3, 2011 at 5:36 am

    This is very informative and beautifully written. I should really start deleting my bad worry habit. Thanks for this.

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