Vacuum Treatment for Cellulite

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A minimum of eight out of every ten women are affected by cellulite in parts of their bodies such as the buttocks, hips and thighs. A large number of women turn to anti-cellulite vacuum treatments; massage therapy and cellulite creams to assist them in getting rid of the cottage cheese look on their skin. Despite the fact that anti-cellulite vacuum treatments are able to better the skin appearance for a short time, there is little evidence to show that it is effective ion completely removing cellulite.


Anti-cellulite vacuum treatments are made to enhance the tone of the skin, flush out toxins, enhance the circulation of blood, rouse the lymphatic system and decrease the cellulite appearance on the body. It is possible to perform anti-cellulite vacuum treatments on all affected areas including the stomach, arms, buttocks, thighs and the hips. Manufacturers of the devices and the machines allege that repeated cellulite treatments can prove beneficial in the braking down the deposits of fat and enhance the skin tone such that it looks smoother. The vacuum pump separates the skin a bit from the muscle, and a massage that is heated may then be done to make the skin and the tissues around it to be more resilient.


A number of day spas and medical spas provide services on cellulite treatment using vacuum, but there are also some anti-cellulite vacuum treatments that can be purchased from the consumer market. Spas may provide services on the Synergie or Smooth Shapes cellulite treatments that blend massage rollers and vacuum to enhance the tone of the skin. Devices that are handheld and are accessible to the consumers include the Celluless Anti-Cellulite Treatment Vacuum System and the Starvac Vacuum Massage.


Eleme Medical is responsible for the designing of the Smooth Shapes system and blends light therapy and laser with a vacuum and rollers to decrease the cellulite appearance. Eleme Medical alleges that Smooth Shapes is beneficial in skin remodeling to make it look better toned, tighter and smoother.

The Synergie cellulite treatment provides one with a sub dermal massage that is very intense, and the manufacturers of the system allege that this is beneficial in getting rid of cellulite or the excess fat that is found below the skin and also enhances the tightness and tone of the skin. The procedure involves no pain and repeated treatments are necessary so as to achieve the desired results.

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