Tricks in Notepad

This is small article to depict use of notepad as fun.

1) Notepad as a Log Book

Write .LOG in the first line in note pad and Save it.

When you’ll open this file again, you will see the current date and time and you can enter your activities there to keep a log of what you have done at what time.

Bravo you have an new diary; to get new date and time just refresh the file by pressing F5.

2) World Trade Center Attack

Write Q33N with font size to 72 and font to Wingdings

You will see the Plane hit two towers and then caused lots of damage.

3) 4335 Encoding

Write “this app can break” in the first line save as .txt.

Next time you open this file, you’ll see it with all encoded characters.

I don’t know why but when you type four words separated by spaces in which 1st word has 4 letters 2nd one has 3 followed by 3 letters agian and finally last word has 5 character’s it encodes to some sort of algorithm.

It also works if you type PPPP HHH SSS AAAAA or any other 4-3-3-5 letter combination.

note:- third trick might not not work with Win 7.

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