The Secrets of Physics- Pseudo Scientists

A small overview over who Uri Geller and Peter Popoff…supposedly known as "miracle workers".

In the video, The Secrets of Physics, there are two main pseudo-scientists that are being exposed as frauds, Uri Geller and Peter Popoff. Uri Geller was a self proclaimed physic who could appear as if he could bend spoons and perform other physic effects. Peter Popoff was a German-born American faith healer and he conducted revival meetings and had a national TV show. Uri claimed that if you “wanted” something really badly and paid a great amount of focus to it, it could be done, and this was his explanation of how his tricks worked. Peter claimed that he could cure illnesses and know everything about his followers because of his “god given” abilities. James Randi was a skeptic, who was out to expose frauds like Uri and Peter, and he eventually did and both Geller and Popoff were soon out of business. James found out that Uri had already kept a bent spoon ready for his spoon bending trick, and when he would turn his back around for his guest to draw his or her picture, he would have a mirror cupped inside his hands to see what they were drawing. Then, James found out that Peter had a hearing device in his ears where he was being prompted by his wife on where his audience lived or what illness/problem they had. Uri never harmed anyone, because he just fooled them by making them thinking that he had physic powers. Peter Popoff harmed and fooled his audience. He did this by making them think that they were cured of their illnesses, when they really weren’t. This could’ve have harmed them by making them think that they are completely cured, so they would ignore their medications and health, which would cause them to eventually fall sick and die. This also fooled them, because they would believe him and keep on coming to him and by that he would be gaining more and more money every day. I think what these pseudo-scientists do isn’t right, because they fool people into giving them their money for something that anyone can do. I feel that it would still be acceptable if they were presenting their act as a magic act, but not a physic act, because this way people know it’s not real so they wouldn’t be harmed or fooled in the wrong way.

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