The Human Race

The difference between evolution and creation.

According to Charles Darwin, evolution came about the course of natural selection. But he also pointed out the such a notion is one long argument. But variations within a species are indistinguishable at first, but gradually may develop into differences that can restrict one groups range or ability to obtain food, or escape from predators. But the fitness of the species is modified by several different processes. For example, sexual selection may occur when the males of one population may compete for mates. Some of the males may have a better advantage of having better weapons, more energy, or more beautiful song or plumage.

Within the laws of variation, reproductive “chance” creates variations. When the condition of the species alter, those individuals that survive to reproduce may have beneficial modifications – organs or limbs that have become stronger or more useful, or else, when not needed weaken and diminish. Darwin’s observations led him to believe that the species did adapt to their changing surroundings.

According to science, human evolution is a lengthy process of change by which humans originated from apelike creatures. Behavioral and physical traits shared by all people evolved over a period of five million years. The ability to walk on two legs took a little less time about four thousand. However, a large brain, the capacity for language, and the ability to use tools came more recently.

Most scientists has distinguished 10 – 15 species of early humans. On the other hand they do not usually agree on how they are related, or which ones died out. Many early human species – probably the majority of them – left no descendants . Other scientists claim that man descended from African apes which took five to eight million years. This figure came from comparing the genes between and apes. Then they calculated how long it “probably” took for the differences to develop. In his book The Neck of the Giraffe, Francis Hitching writes: “I found many scientists with private doubts and a handful who went so far as to say that Darwinian evolutionary theory had turned out not to be a scientific theory at all.”

A highly acclaimed British scientist, Chandra Wickramasinghe, takes a similar position, when he says: “There is no evidence for any of the basic tenets of Darwin evolution. It was a social force that took over the world in 1860, and I think it has been a disaster for science ever since.” Some think that belief in evolution is based upon fact while belief in creation is based upon faith. It is true that no man has seen God. Yet, the theory of evolution holds advantage in this regards, since it is founded upon events that no humans have ever witnessed or duplicated.

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