Ten Mysterious Phenomenon Science Could Not Answered

Through science, man trying to understand itself and its surroundings. However, humans do not always get the answers and explanations to the strange happenings.

The following 10 unexplained phenomena of science, as quoted from page Live Science:

10. Taos hum
Some residents and visitors in a small town in Taos, New Mexico has been plagued for years and made ​​dizzy by a weak low-frequency hum, but mysterious. This buzzing sound in the desert. Surprisingly, only 2 percent of Taos residents who reported having heard it.

Some people believe, the buzzing sound that is not fair, others suspect mass hysteria, and some even regard it as something evil. None could answer the source or origin of this buzz.

9. Bigfoot
For decades, a large hairy creature called bigfoot was reported a few people across America. Even if the population of this bigfoot stepped on the thousands, but none of the creature’s body was never found.

In addition, none of the bodies of the killed bigfoot hunters, hit by a speeding car, or even death due to illness or aging. The lack of tangible proof existence of these creatures – such as teeth or bones – makes some people do not believe it. Although there are some witnesses who offer an ambiguous picture.

Because logically there is no evidence, scientists were never able to prove the creature bigfoot or the Loch Ness like giant exists or not. Perhaps this mysterious creature lurking in the distance.

8. intuition
Sometimes we can feel sometimes called intuition or sixth sense. Of course, this intuition is not always true, but on other occasions ’senses’ this works fine. Without realizing it, the psychologist noted, humans retrieve information from the world around them. It is, leading us to seemingly sense or know information without knowing – with certainty – how do we know that information. However, cases still hard to prove your intuition and learn.

7. mysterious disappearance
People disappear for various reasons, mostly to escape, accidents, kidnapped and murdered, and so forth. But, in the end they found. But, not with the mysterious disappearance. Some people seem to disappear without a trace.

6. ghost
Some television programs, films, and others describe how the spirits of the dead appear in civilization and folklore. Many people who claim to see apparitions shadow of a stranger or a loved one, but had died.

Though definitive proof for the existence of ghosts is still debated, the witnesses continue to report their vision. Both the recognition of seeing, photographing, and even communicating with ghosts.

Ghost investigators hope that one day the spirits of the dead can communicate with a live person so that an end to this mystery.
Usually, a missing person can be found through the police investigation, confession, or accidentally by ‘psychic detectives.’ But, when the removal is minimal evidence, the police did not move. Forensic science was not even able to solve the crime.

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