Sharpen Thinking

Many people think think is a boring activity, but actually not, because thinking is a must for us as human beings.

Thinking is a routine activity and the workings of the brain that is dominant in human life as being identity, dedicated, valuable, and so forth. Activity of thinking is then able to embody the important things that came to be called as a proposition, idea, ideas, and alternative theories.

From the angle and the other side, the activity of thinking and then hatch a response, criticism and evaluation are all trying to pass judgment on the masterpiece of the brain that then we mention it as a smooth interaction between the various ideas. Internalization process evolved into a horizontal dialectic between the individual with other individuals, as well as the space between thinking and action cycles.

Thinking was born as a spirit to produce an alternative, although the idea or discourse remains to be forwarded to the raw nature first. Because the feasibility of thought is only able to adjust to social realities, a place where ideas will be adorned. Here, then justified the restrictions on raskalisme, liberalism and freedom of thought.

Here, then the importance of a point of view gets justufikasi thought to be explained before the thought was born. Although it is essentially the freedom of grace most qodrat in the process of human thinking, but that freedom is limited by the impact, influence and relationships with the context in which terbesebut thinking thoughts that are born of thought by itself also should keep fit and is directly proportional to the extent of one’s belief in his thinking ability as a result of the activity of thinking.

Criticism is also recognized as a fruit that is also able to contribute a very large response to the appreciation of a thought. Criticism is an attempt to repair, menimbah, fix, or even in the order established is, revolutionizing the object in front of him, either to make a systematic set of ideas or criticism, the business is no less important is to formulate the point of view as the basis and foundation of the ideas of these two.

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