Seven Scientific Attitudes a Scientist Must Have

In order to succeed in any field, it is important for a person to possess the right frame of mind and attitude. This is true especially in science. It is not enough for a person to have knowledge and skills to be considered a scientist. A true scientist possesses scientific attitudes that complement his/her knowledge and abilities. These attitudes make the discovery of new knowledge and the exhibition of new inventions possible.

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1.    A scientist is curious about the things around him/her. Curiosity drives a person to ask the right questions, observe, seek information and carry out experiments.

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2.    A scientist is willing to suspend judgment until he/she has made sure that his/her explanation to an event is correct. He/she is hardworking and persistent. By this, scientists pursue their scientific investigations despite obstacles and failures.

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3.    A scientist is open-minded. A scientist believes that the field of science constantly changes with the influx of information. A scientist does not easily discard or dismiss new information even if it runs contrary to the existing body of knowledge. Instead, he/she is open to possible truths as long as this set of data has some logical and scientific bases.

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4.    A scientist is critical. There is a limit to the open-mindedness of a scientist. A scientist does not accept information passively, He/she considers them critically. He/she looks into the logical and scientific basis of the information.

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5.    A scientist is intellectually honest. A scientist plans and organizes an experiment not so much to prove himself/herself right but to arrive at a logical and accurate conclusion. He/she does not alter the results of his study but rather reports them exactly as they come out.

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6.    A scientist is rational. He/she is logical and systematic. Rationality entails a good eye for logic and reason. A scientist traces the logical relationships between occurrences. He/she does not easily attribute one event to another unless sufficient concrete evidence is present. Most importantly, he/she is not superstitious.

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7.    A scientist is creative. He/she tries new approaches to arrive at better solutions. When the answers do not make sense, a scientist must combine logic, creativity, and curiosity to analyze data and conduct further experiments if necessary. 


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