Science :Blessing or Curse

Twentieth century can be called the age of science and technology .Our modern life is enriched with various gifts of science .Science has invented or discovered many strange things .The triumph of science is advancing by leaps and bounds everyday .But is actually a Blessing or a curse?
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It was now left to Galileo to break up this misalliance and strike out a new path for science -the path of experimental proof.The method initiated my Galileo was completed by Newton,and that is when modern science was born .

             Since then,science has maintained its march onwards in both domains ,constructive as well as destructive  .The modern man is gifted with the blessings of science in many ways .Thousands of inventions and discoveries ,made through the centuries,have enriched the growth of civilization of the world .During the twentieth century,science has made tremendous progress in remarkably removing the evils of diseases and deaths from the face of the world .At the same time ,it has also increased the threats to human life .

           Science has given us electricity ,medicine,and many useful amenities of modern life -style,as aeroplane for fast transportation ,ship to sail across the vast oceans ,railways for travelling to distant destinations;besides ,it has also given us many other new things in life ,such as telegraphy photography ,cinematography ,and mills ,factories and workshops for manufacturing the essential articles for our everyday use .Today’s man cannot perhaps live without refrigerator,air-conditioner,T.V,radio,motor car and similar other luxurious articles .

          The most important gift of science is the atomic power .Atomic energy has been used by man in many useful fields .But the destructive atom bombs can create only a horror in human minds .The destructive approach of science is ,however ,being controlled today by some big powers of the world .It is ,no doubt ,a good and healthy gesture .

     The twentieth century has been witnessing a journey towards computer revolution.Due to their Superior flexibility and accuracy ,the computers dominate the contemporary world.Computers are digital machines which are used today by individuals ,industrial establishments ,offices,banks ,laboratories and so on .In factories ,the computers are used to control the mechanical instruments which are engaged for stacking packages ,shifting heavy articles or for many other similar important jobs .In banks ,the computers maintain accounts and save time and manual work in the matter of disposing cases belonging to customers and staff .In research work,too,the computer plays a very vital role .

            Thus it is seen that in all important walks of life ,the march of science continues with great speed and popularity in order to sope with the growing needs of the day .So science appears as more a blessing than a curse to mankind ,considering its numerous valuable gifts,excepting the condemned use of atom bombs and destructive weapons in wars .

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  1. aimsteel Says...

    On December 10, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Science has contributed so much in the the advancement of technology and so with the existence on the other aspects on the lives of the people. It can otherwise a curse not on science itself but to those who have overused it neglecting the other side which has always been available and given by nature.

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