Retractable Oxygen Tube Reels

For patients on oxygen, there are fewer things more annoying and dangerous than oxygen tubing that lays on the floor around a patient’s feet. Patients are constantly tripping over tubing, not to mention visitors to the home. Solutions are in the pipeline.

Oxygen tubing is one of the most hazardous items in a patient’s home. It is stepped on, tripped over, slung out of the way, laid on in bed which can pinch off the flow of air. This last hazard can actually cause death in the very frail, as they are sleeping. Oxygen tubing gets wrapped around pets in the home, and can be chewed through easily by a dog or even a determined cat. 

Doesn’t it stand to reason that a product that is so needed, a retractable oxygen tube reel, would have been invented and marketed many years ago? Well, it has gone by the wayside, and only now does it seem that inventors are trying to get some patents.

One company that this writer contacted, stated that they expect the FDA to approve their Oxy-Reel this month, allowing for manufacture and distribution. This reel sits on the floor, is about the size of a small canister vaccuum cleaner, and responds to remote control. The description says that it will free-spin out, and will retract when a remote control button is pushed. It can be placed anywhere in the home, and has extensive tube length, allowing for movement into other rooms. The projected price is $400, and Medicare and other insurance coverage will be sought.

Other designs are also undergoing patents, but it seems they are a bit farther out on the availability timeline. One model is a hand-held reel that is small, lightweight, and that automatically retracts. This model could be attached to a walker or wheelchair to free up the patient’s hands.

While there may be oxygen reels available from another country, this writer has not found any as yet. Leads given online sometimes result in dead-ends or empty domain sites. 

For readers of this article who know of sources for this medical product, please leave feedback below for others to read. If you are looking for a retractable oxygen reel, contact for further information.

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