Mysterious Sounds Reveal The Phenomenon of The Skies

Mysterious sounds reveal the phenomenon of the Skies.

Sound or sounds mysterious almost unheard of in the entire planet of ours. In some cases it may even sound strange car alarm trigger.

Noise is heard not long ago from Europe to Canada, sounds like a moan and a very loud horn.

In Germany the mysterious voices of the sky that was recorded on video camera and has been uploaded to YouTube with a car alarm sound that sounded very tight.

On the internet has a scene with a number of theories about where it comes from the strange sounds. Some argue that Jesus has returned and the world will end soon.

But experts say that events can be explained rationally.

Jean-Pierre St. Maurice Physics from the University of Saskatchewan experts say that the event is the electromagnetic noise emitted from the aurora and radiation belts.

David Deming, a scientist from the University Olkahoma, previously wrote that the phenomenon is called Hum-’mysterious voice that can not be traced and has been heard in several locations around the world by around twenty percent of the world.’

Writing in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, he said that the source of the event include the transmission of telephone and Hum ‘aircraft operated by U.S. Navy for submarine communication purposes.’

According to NASA, the Earth has ‘a number of natural radio emission’.

The space agency said, “If a man has a radio antenna instead of the ear, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.”

 ”It sounded like background music from a science fiction movie flamboyant but not science fiction. Earth’s natural radio emission is real, even though most of us do not realize, but the phenomenon is all around us all the time. “

For example, the sound of thunder is the sound of fear resulting from the radio jets, NASA said.

Earthquakes can also produce audible sound, according to Brian W. Stump earthquake expert from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

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