In Short, a Micro-robot Will Live in Us and Will Detect All Diseases!

British scientists working on building a micro-robot that will act as a living organism, identifying diseases in humans.

In short, a micro-robot will live in us and will detect all diseases!

    Cyberplasm called micro-robot will apply the latest developments in design micro-eletronici in abio-mimetic (the technology inspired by nature).

Micro-robot will receive electronic nervous system, will be equipped with “eyes” and “nose” – derived from mammalian cell sensors and artificial muscles you will use glucose as an energy source.

Micro-robot Cyberplasm will be designed to mimic the essential functions of lamprey, a creature that lives in the Atlantic Ocean. Lamprey have a very primitive nervous system, easier to imitate than more sophisticated nervous systems. Lamprey nervous system and that the animal swims made him the ideal candidate for this project.

Scientists hope that this invention may be extremely sensitive to the environment in which it is introduced. Researchers will introduce the micro-robot in the human body, which will “swim” without problems, detecting diseases suffered by the patient.

“Nothing compares with the natural ability of a living being to observe and detect the smell its environment, thus collecting data about what is happening around him,” said Daniel Frankel, bioengineering at the University of Newcastle.

“Currently we develop and test individual components of Cyberplasm and will reach the stage of assembly in about two years. We believe that Cyberplasm can be used in concrete cases within five years, “says Frankel.

Scientists estimate that the first prototype of Cyberplasm will measure less than an inch in length. In the future, researchers say it could reach up to measure 1 millimeter or even be built at the nanoscale.

Cyberplasm project is conducted at Newcastle University in the international collaboration funded by an institution in the UK  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council , and a U.S. institution, the National Science Foundation . 

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