Immortality, It’s Not a Good Idea According to The Latest Computer Model

If immortality is good to the eye of those selfish person, well, for the latest computer today, its absolutely not.

Immortality, It’s not a good idea according to the latest computer model

            Its been a year, a century and even a decade when people looking and asking if immortality could really be happened, but due to the new technology and new discoveries, many people would think that immortality maybe possible already but according to the latest computer model, immortality is not a good idea for all humanity.

            According to one futurologist, having the idea of immortality is good but living through is really not good, because of the people who wants to live longer here on earth, many would be love to fight and steal for it and the concept of survival of the fittest would be emerged. Based on the article of Rod Waugh “computer models behaved very differently according to tiny tweaks in the software – initially, the ‘immortal’ species (who only died when ‘killed’ or in accidents) had an advantage.

But as more random elements were introduced – such as mutations – the populations that ‘pruned’ itself through ageing had an advantage”

            And to make sense, the immortality concept will never be a great basis of having a great discovery, immortality is not normal and can’t do anything but to give a motivation to those individual who are hungry in money, and hungry in power. The computer together with another technology are just a part of human development but touching the foundation of life and its power it would not be correct and could lead to a much huge arguments and wars. 

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