How to Write a Sceitific Practical Report

People often get confused with how to write Scietific reports, what to write and what order to write in. With this little guide you will never be troubled again on this issue!

In a scientific report on thing is always essential, its better to have more than less. It took me two years to realise this in my high school but by the time I was in year nine, because of this one fact I could easily get full marks on any report.

The first step in writing a scientific report is to have a title page.

Then, in the order given add the rest of the parts to the report.

On the title page add and abstract

an abstract is a little summary explaining what you do in the prac and what its aim is. (one paragraph)

Next you add a table of content page which tells the reader where everything is inside the prac report.

Introduction: Here you give backround information on the prac. For example it the prac was on effects of soil on sand growth, you talk about what the soil is made out of, what type of palnt you are using and the type of wather it requires.

aim: its a lot like what you said in the abstract only its much more explained. (maximum half a page)

Hypothesis: this is your guess on what you think will be the results of the prac, you must do this before conducting the experiment.(1-2 paragraphs)

Materials: In this you are supposed to list all materials that you used in the prac, bonus if you add photographs as well.(one and a half pageas with photos)

Method: Here you explain how you will run the prac from the design of it to collecting the materials to you writing the prac.(one page) It should have everything about what you did on it. Try including photos of the design.

Result: Here you show your results, try adding tables and a graph. Photos are also useful here.(Can be as long as you want)

Discussion: Here you dicuss what you could have done better, what went wrong, what was unexpected, what was expected (one-two pages)

Conclusion: This is a brief ending of about one-two lines. It explains what the result was and did it or did it not match you hypotesis. Was the aim achieved or not ect.

Please leave comments on how I could imporve this or if I made any mistakes.

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