How to Get Yourself to Do Hard Work

A quick guide to determine if tackling a project that’s been on your mind is worth the time and energy.

How to Get Yourself to do Hard Work

How do you get yourself to do ‘hard work’? Hard work sounds unpleasant and tiresome. There is an inherit risk of losing both money and time.

When I was a kid, I got the impression that doing the ‘easy thing’ was cool. Do only what you absolutely must and then go have fun. That philosophy worked well for me even as an adult until I found I really wanted to do some things that required me to go way beyond my comfort zones.

This realization had me pondering if attempting to accomplish my endeavors would be worth potential failure. Here are the questions I ask myself to determine if the risk is worth it.

What is Hard Work?

The definition of ‘hard work’ for the intent of this article, is getting yourself to do anything that has been on your mind to do and will not go away.  Whether it is a home or work project, a novel you’ve written in your head for years, or taking the first steps to starting your own business, maybe the time has come for you to find out if it is worth your time and energy to just do it.

How to Determine if Hard Work is Worth it

Here are some questions to ask before starting on your ‘hard work’ project:

·        What would be the best outcome of your hard work?

·        What would be the worst outcome?

·        What skills would you develop or improve that would make the quest worthwhile even if you did not get the desired outcome?

·        Do you believe the time and energy spent will help others as well as yourself?

·        Will the time and energy put into the venture make a good difference for your future?

Answer the above questions with as much detail as you need to help clarify a decision to go forward or not. Do this a manner that is specific to you. For example:

-         Write an answer to each question on a Post-it Note (many sizes available)

-         Bullet statements

-         A paragraph for each question

-         A picture that represents what you want to achieve or avoid

If you determine that your ‘hard work’ is worth it, place reminders of your reasons where you will see them several times a day.

Commit to Hard Work for a Month

Commit yourself whole heartedly to your ‘hard work’ project for a month and then ask yourself the following question:

·        Are you experiencing a sense of peace, purpose, or fulfillment?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you now know the ‘hard work’ can only add to your life and future. Keep the momentum going and adjust as needed to keep yourself motivated. Revel in the good feelings.

If the answer is ‘no’, before giving up, try a different approach:

-         Find someone to help you

-         Change your working environment

-         Do a search online for more information

Give your ‘hard work’ another week or two. If after this, you do not feel the ‘hard work’ is worth it, just stop. This particular project of ‘hard work’ is not for you, but now you have the satisfaction of knowing you systematically gave it all you had. That, in itself, is a very important accomplishment.

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