Have You Heard of The “12 Bonk Rule” for Finding Love?

Now here’s a scientific theory that has some real worth – and it works in other ways as well.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Is your love life a merry-go-round with no end (e.g. love) in site? Is your love connection disconnected? Now there’s a mathematical formula that will add up to real love – or at least tell you when you are headed in the wrong direction.

It’s called the 12 Bonk Rule, a probabilistic approach to finding the love of your life. No, it doesn’t involve a cave-man approach to the opposite sex so put down your club and fur skin wardrobe. Neanderthals need not participate.

The whole idea behind the 12 Bonk Rule is asking yourself a question, according to the scientists that came up with the idea: “Do you keep searching and hope something better will come along, or do you stop searching when you find something that looks pretty good?” This applies to people, jobs and just about anything else you might be looking for but haven’t yet found.

Pick A Partner Scientifically

Take for instance picking a life partner, mate, friend, or other personal one-on-one relationship. By applying the 12 Bonk Rule you could stop your endless search and actually find that special someone. The rule suggests that the best strategy for picking a mate is to date enough people to establish some baseline standards, and then settle down with the next person you meet who exceeds the bar. So, out you go into the cold, cruel world of dating (if you already are you can either start over again from this time forward, or consider the last 12 dates you’ve had) in a very straightforward and scientific matter. Whether it’s a good idea to tell your date what you are doing is something left to your own good judgment. But, it makes for a great opening line, don’t you think? Maybe not.

After you’ve had the 12 dates you’ve established a strong baseline and you are now ready – even if you think your undecided – to pick the next person whom you think is as good or better than the best of 12 you’ve just dated.

The researchers say that if you’ve dated fewer than 12 people, you should feel free to keep looking. If you’ve had 30 relationships, odds are you’re being too picky. Simple, isn’t it?

Works For Job and House Hunting

Even better, the 12 Bonk Rule can apply to all sorts of other aspects of your life. It can also be applied to picking the right employee or choosing a home. If you’ve been house hunting, for example, and have seen hundreds of homes without being able to decide on one, just look at 12 more and then choose. In employment it gets even better. If you can’t decide on a candidate, interview 12 and pick the next best one. At least you won’t have to come up with a lame excuse for picking a loser – you can just say you used a scientific method to select. Everyone will be impressed with your methodology and you can get on with you job.

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