Genetic Engineering: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The pros and cons of genetic engineering.

The Good: What Can We Do With Genetic Engineering?

Scientists have learnt how to clone plants and animals, this creates a bigger amount of products and money. They have always helped lower costs by producing new versions of a living organism, which function differently. They have created living organisms that have better defences against pests and disease, live longer reproduce more, contain more vitamins and minerals, and much more. If we continue to discover more in this part of science, we would be able to improve the quality of food and help save much more money.

Why Do We Need It?

Evolution is an important part to every living thing on planet earth. Without it everything would cease to exist as the world changes. There are two ways we can choose to make our big step in evolution. These are becoming cyborgs, or bringing genetic engineering into our everyday lives. Becoming cyborgs would destroy our connections to nature as we would become completely unnatural. It does mean we don’t have any human needs like we do today, like eating, waste and so on, and we won’t have to use genetic engineering. But that is a hard and extreme step.

Using genetic engineering means we can stay the same as we are, but make us healthier and richer instead. This is a much more safe, reliable and smaller step. If we were to pick neither of there steps, life would deteriorate for humans, and we would destroy the earth and ourselves.

The Ugly

Through the media we learn about what’s new on planet earth. One big section of the news that is always improving is science and technology. There are always articles and advertisements for cell phones, computers and other new products. But we also learn about the break-troughs in science. Scientists have learnt to manipulate genes and cells, and are doing it all the time to improve the products on the market. They have learnt to change plant and animal cells, and have also discovered how to clone plants and animals. They love their science, and they’re over there to tell you all about it.

Yet, there are those in this world who don’t like the idea of genetic engineering and other major science break-through. This could be to do with distrust in the new products, believing against the new products because they are unnatural, or even because it’s against their religion. If you want to learn more, they’re over there to explain their issues.

Because there are two sides to the issue, there is going to be conflict. There are many different solutions to this conflict, I will provide you with a couple to think about.

The Bad: What Is Bad About Genetic Engineering?

Some people in this world believe that as we our discovering so much in the field of science, that we are in fact playing god. They believe that this will be our downfall, and will destroy the human race. One big idea that is often referred to is robots. One day we will make smart robots, and they will kill us all. But another big problem is what if we become too reliant on genetically modified products, and cause a global problem. Some say that if we trust to much in genetic engineering, we wouldn’t be able to do anything if it causes some terrible disease of if it doesn’t work than many people would starve to death.

What Would Happen If We Continued to Use It?

Some people in this world expect that messing with Gods creations will destroy the earth and every living thing on it. They say that if genetic engineering goes on for to long then we will lose what we have today. They animals might stop reproducing, and plants might stop growing, and then what will we do? It’s like the saying goes, once every tree is chopped, and every river poisoned, will we realize we can not eat money.

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