Galileo Galilei’s Scientific Method

An explanation of the scientific method.

According to Stephen Hawking, Galileo probably bears more of the responsibility for the birth of modern science than anybody else, and Albert Einstein called him the father of modern science.

Galileo’s astronomical discoveries and investigations into the Copernican theory have led to a lasting legacy which includes the categorisation of the four large moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo. Io, Europa Ganymede and Callisto known as the Galilean moons. Many other scientific endeavours and principles are named after Galileo including the Galileo spacecraft.

Galileo Galilei  15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642),   Was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who invented the scientific method of testing theories.

He put forward the basic principle of relativity that the laws of physics are the same in any system that is moving at a constant speed in a straight line, regardless of its particular speed or direction. Hence, there is no absolute motion or absolute rest. This principle provided the basic framework for Newton’s laws of motion and is central to Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

Galileo demonstrated Gravity at the church tower in Delft in 1586 before the word gravity had been coined. However most of his experiments with falling bodies were carried out using inclined planes where both the issues of timing and wind resistance were much reduced. Galileo held that all unequal weights would fall with the same finite speed in a vacuum. But this had previously proposed by Lucretius.

Galileo also created the correct kinematical law for the distance travelled during a uniform acceleration starting from rest. He was the first to express it mathematically, verify it experimentally. Galileo’s Principle of Inertia stated: “A body moving on a level surface will continue in the same direction at constant speed unless disturbed.  This is now known as Newton’s first law of motion.

Galileo’s methods of testing the theories that people believed to be true changed the attitude of the Catholic Church and after his death the Church accepted the scientific method this also led to the end of the inquisition. Today his scientific method is accepted throughout the world and anyone holding any belief should have that belief independently tested by the scientific method.

Let me give you the scientific method for Biology for example. When checking out life forms biologists require first the food source second the excrement. All life requires a food source, even viruses, and adapting to the food source is how life is created and new life forms adapt to feed on other life forms and new viruses adapt to feed on them. This continual adaptation is what many biologists call evolution but that is the wrong word you can say all life is adapting but most life goes extinct because it failed to adapt so most life does not evolve. When Charles Darwin wrote his books he knew nothing about the scientific method but was simply driven by a belief that over time things get better. We call this guessing not science. You can make a good case that when humans adapted from hunter gatherers to farmers it was devolving not evolving. If genetic engineering goes wrong will that will also be devolution.

What Darwin’s idea leads to is Racism not Science and his idea that everything gets better is rejected by any historian. Will micro technology improve people’s lives? 

Personally I doubt it.

We have within our grasp by using the scientific method the ability to turn Planet Earth into a heaven or a hell it’s your choice? 

Using Galileo’s scientific method I can claim that over 99% of all life devolves or goes extinct this is a scientific fact and this law can also be applied to the universe. If you consider black holes etc I believe this can be verified and what is known as evolution is also devolution. Which means that less than one percent of the universe will have any form of life I believe that is true but my theory is there for you to test using Galileo’s scientific method. Evolution and Devolution walk hand in hand and all science can be said to be a study of both.

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