Beautiful Snails

What do you know about snails?

Snails are high in protein and are members of the molluscan class, a well focused topic on the colourful land and freshwater snails.

One of the earliest types of animals  known to the world, and have evolved over six million years ago. They are adapted to a variety of living conditions, and  don’t need much  of food to survive on.  A fascinating subject of life.

All snails are in the class of Mollusks, their hard shells protect their bodies, and most people confuse snails with slugs, but are not in the same category. Slugs don’t have shells, also,  there is a shortage of snails  worldwide.

The word snail covers all the species, a common mistake, 

Giant Apple Snail orPomacea maculata


The largest freshwater snail, it has a diameter of fifteen centimetres and a weight of six hundred grams

The Syrinx aruaanus is the biggest of all snails

An Australian marine species and can grow  over seventy seven centimetres in length and weighs up to forty pounds.

Spike-topped Apple Snail

A snail commonly known as the Mystery snail, and is a beautiful one too, of South America, and is a freshwater snail.  A colourful species like most of the  others, often kept as a pet, the attractive colours on the shells is tempts you to have as a pet. It is easy to care for.

White-lipped Snail

This is one of the most beautiful land snails, a medium-sized species, and a close relative of the Grove snail.

They live on woods, and prefer cold  to wet weathers

Red Ramshorn Snail

A snail with an unusual bright colour, a colourful subject and eats the most delicate plants, like uneaten fish food,  or dead fish

Brown-lipped Snail

With glossy colours, and is commonly known as the Grove snail,  found in Europe, same as the White-Lipped Snail is small,  growing to twenty millimeters, and the width is twenty five millimeters.


Disk Snail

Not a very colourful land  snail, found in Czech Republic, now  can be found in Canada, and the United States of America.

Cepaea vindobonensis

A land snail, was originally found in Celtic settlement Vindobona, now can be found in Vienna, Austria.  Also a beautifully looking snail.

Fruticicola fruticum

An elegant snail, a spotted species, medium-sized, like the White and Brown-lipped Snail, also uses love darts.   The shell dimension is twenty two millimeter

Giant African Snail

A Giant Tiger Land snail, found in Ghana, and because of the location it is commonly known as the Giant Ghana snail, is large, and has unique markings.  A snail that measures  to thirty centimeters

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