10 Top Solutions to The Problems of Agriculture in Africa

One of the foremost basic needs of every living individual is FOOD. And whenever a people fails to solve her own food problem, then the
destination of that people remains doubtful. In the Continent of Africa,
un-usual malnutrition / starvation / disease out-breaks are very common because there are lots of Problems facing Agricultural Developments. How to provide lasting Solutions to Africa’s Food Problems is what this article is all about. To get started, here are 10 Top Solutions To The Problems Of Agriculture In Africa.

1.                      Leadership


              An Honest-Minded , Patriotic and Caring Leadership is an Utmost  

              Priority that Africa can never do without . The over-all nucleus of

              Africans’ Centuries in Problems is LEADERSHIP. In fact , any real and

              lasting solution to The  Problems Of Agriculture In African can only be

              possible under an Uncorrupt, Patriotic and Caring Leadership. Situations

             where Public Funds are shamelessly embezzled by Government officials

             has always added more to Africans’ sufferings..  


2.                      Agric Education


Introduction of FREE Modern Agricultural  Education Programs for   farmers in the local communities of Africa , is another great solution to the problems of Agriculture in the Continent. Using this kind of Agricultural  programs can even Organize the local farmers into Farmers’  Co-operative Unions.


3.                      Peace  &  Unity


Real Peace, Unity and Stability are compulsory steps to take if Africa is to solve her problems of Agriculture. Can you imagine that Only the money that some African Governments / Rebel groups are spending  in buying weapons for Wars , can make do for some reasonable Agricultural investments in the continent.


4.                      Reaching The Individual

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