What Maths Does for The Universe

The necessity of Mathematics.

Maths is an intricate part of everyday life. Not only is it incredibly useful for working out discount prices in shops.  It also allows you to figure out how much you can spend of your pay check and still have enough money for rent. These are the day to day uses of maths and everybody experiences them however there is much more to maths. Mathematics exists at the very foundation of everything in the universe. It is a set of discoverable laws that allow the universe to function. For instance we would know nothing of our solar systems workings without the mathematical laws which allow us to understand how things work. Human beings would not have been able to land on the moon with complex mathematical equations which make it possible to know a whole host of things like how much fuel will be required. Computers could not exist without maths, as they are in essence powerful number crunchers, communicating through a mathematical system. In all Mathematics exists in everything, it is an absolute necessity that allows us not only to travel the solar system and communicate across the world, but also to figure out if we have enough in our bank for a new car

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