What Does The 10th Dimension Look Like?

Does more than three dimensions exist? Yes. No. Maybe. Read the article!

The 1st Dimension

We start with point. Then we place another point somewhere else. Now we connect these to points. We have our first dimension, a line.

The 2nd Dimension

If we take our 1 dimensional line then place another 1 dimensional line across our first line we’ll have our second dimension. It was length and width, but no depth.

An easier way to represent this might be to make a 1 dimensional line branch out of our other 1 dimensional line. (Like a branch.)  We will call this a a split.

The 3rd Dimension

We can imagine the third dimension easily because we’re always in the third dimension. But lets take a different approach.

Remember the 1 dimensional line with a branch sticking out of it? Yes, our split. Imagine a 2 dimensional ant walking along the branch that sticks out. Now, if we fold that line and connect it to the first line, it is taking the ant from one place and transporting it to another. Our 3rd dimension is a fold.

The 4th Dimension

If we were to think of ourselves as we were one minute ago and then think of ourselves as we are now and draw a line between our one minute ago selves to our right now selves we would be drawing a line in the fourth dimension. We could call this Duration (Not time). The fourth dimension is yet again a line.

The 5th Dimension

To us it feels like Duration is going in a straight line. However if we were to draw a branch from our lifespan line (Birth-Death) it would be like all the different futures. From one branch you are a doctor, in  another branch you would be a millionaire, and so on. So the 5th dimension is a split in the 4th dimension.

In simpler terms the 5th dimension is all the different outcomes of whatever object.

The 6th Dimension

Lets consider ourselves in one of the outcomes of the 4th dimension. In this outcome I am an average man. What if I want to change me current state of being (Be a rich rich man!)? One might say travel back in time give your young self a an invention then travel back to the future. What if you could just take a shortcut and jump from your average self to your millionaire self. That would be the 6th dimension. A fold in the 5th dimension.

The 7th Dimension

In the seventh dimension we will be treating everything in the 6th dimension as a single point. To get the big picture, imagine, from the beginning of the universe (Big Bang) and we drew a line to each of the possible outcomes or deaths of the universe, and we considered that as a single point. We can call this point infinity. So a 7th dimensional line would be one infinity connected to another infinity by a line. (One universe and its outcomes to another universe and its outcomes.)

The 8th Dimension

If we were to branch off from that line between the two infinities into another infinity we would be in the 8th dimension, a split.

The 9th Dimension

Now to go from one 8th dimensional branch to another 8th dimensional branch then we would fold one line into the other letting us travel from one line to another. So the 9th dimension is a fold just like the 3rd and 6th dimension.

The 10th Dimension – Dun dun duuunnnnnn!

If we take all the possible universes and all their possible time lines and treat that as a single point, than we’ve got a point in the 10th dimension. Now to continue the cycle we’ll need another point to connect this point to. But there’s no place left to go! We’re screwed.

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