There is Power in Number

Carrying a burden is no easy thing to do, but if others will help a person do it, then it will become possible.

    Two heads are better than one. That is, if we want to get the best idea, strategy or plan for any project to succeed.  Problems may be solved easily by two or more people than by one working alone. In another way of projecting the importance in number, the strength of a group  as well as its influence, has more impact than what a single a person can do.

Take for instance the carrying of a piano, one person cannot do it; however, if five or more people will contribute their strength in lifting it up, then it is without doubt that transferring the said object is not a problem at all.

Indeed, there is power in number.  A million is composed of a number of peso, a group of one peso to be exact.  Based on that principle, we can get a clear example of the potential a group can accomplish, if their efforts are combined and put together as one.

As the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”.  It is better to do things together, than to do things alone.

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