The Smartest People in The World 2012

What makes a person is smart? Of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of his, or skills and achievements? Here are 10 of the smartest people in the world who live in the year 2012.

When assessed from IQ, there are 50% of people in this world have IQs between 90-110, then 2.5% squat IQ below 70, 2.5% worth IQ> 130 and categorized superior. Only 0.5% had an IQ> 140 and said almost a genius or a genius.

Here are 10 of the smartest people in the world 2012 version reported by the Huffington Post:


Stephen Hawking (70) is the most famous names in this list. He laid the foundations of theoretical physics, the theory of Black Hole and wrote a book that helps people understand the universe.

And it did in the midst of suffering with the disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis motor nerves (ALS) that left him paralyzed, so to speak just to be helped by the tool.

According to his ex-wife, Jane, Stephen was an atheist. But Stephen said he was not religious in the normal sense. Stephen believes that the universe is governed by the laws of nature and science.

“The law could be issued by God, but God does not intervene in the law,” said Stephen.

He also does not believe in heaven and life after death and said that heaven and life after death is the fairy stories of the people who are afraid of the dark.

2.Kim Ung Yong (50) is a civil engineer from Korea, former smartest kid in the world version of the Guinness Book of World of Records with an IQ of 210.

At age 4 years, his IQ reaches 200 with tests given to children aged 7 years. When Kim Ung Yong toddler was able to solve complex problems and integral differential calculus, memorize two thousand words in English and German.

Kim, who had worked in the U.S. as a teenager NASA’s return to the country and decided to move the field of physics to the field of civil engineering. Kim has spawned 90 papers on hydraulics in scientific journals.
3.Paul Allen (59) is co-founder of Microsoft who uses his brain to acquire wealth.

With a wealth of U.S. $ 14.2 billion or around Rp 136 billion, Paul Allen’s 170-IQ entered the ranks of the 48th richest person in the world and one of the benefactors.
4. With an IQ of 192, you would not expect if Rick Rosner (52) works as a writer for Jimmy Kimmel on TV.

Besides Rick also had his profession as a stripper, waiter shod wheels, a bouncer and a nude model.
5.Garry Kasparov (49), a chess grandmaster who became world chess champion at the age of 22 years. However, Garry never defeated by Deep Blue chess playing, chess program made ​​by IBM.

Garry the IQ 190 is retired from chess in 2005. Now Garry plunge into politics and become a writer. He is poised to follow the Russian presidency.
6.Sir Andrew Wiles (59) is a mathematician and a professor of research from Oxford University. He was known for solving the most difficult theory in mathematics, Fermat’s Last Theorem.

The theory put forward by Pierre de Fermat in the 17th century was not resolved during the 357 years before finally solved by Andrew IQ is 170.

This theorem says:

for n> 2, there is no non-zero integers x, y, and z that satisfy the equation xn + yn = zn

Andrew also received 15 awards in math and science.
7.Father Judith Polgar (36) theorized raising her two children with special abilities when children are trained from an early age he would make a special achievement.

Evidently, Judith IQ 170 is to be the smartest kid, and beating the world’s youngest chess grand champion at that Boby Fischer, at the age of 15 years.

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