The Problem of Human and

If a man has problems meant he was alive. With a personality problem it will be growing through the effort of learning.

Does it matter? There are people who say that as a problem to be solved or addressed. In the meantime, there are also some who interpret it as a gap (gap) between the necessity and reality. Throughout his life, a person must have to deal with the name “problem”, whether in the form of a gap or the presence of something that should be addressed. Problems are a part of human life. If a man has problems meant he was alive. With a personality problem it will be growing through the effort of learning.

Prayitno (2003) states that something is perceived as a problem or not depends on the answers to three questions:

If something is not like there?

Is it something like waived its existence?

Whether something is (potentially) causing difficulties and or loss?

If the answer is “YES” then obviously something that is a problem and most diverse real human problems, whether viewed in terms of type, size and the nature and scope. There are problems that are categorized as light-weight, large-small, personal-general, simple-complex, the unconscious conscious, and so forth.

Perceive and interpret in about a problem everyone will be different. To a person, something that could be considered a problem, while for others is not a problem, or vice versa. Likewise, for one thing it is a minor or a minor problem, but perceived as a problem and dimaknainya heavy and bulky, or just the opposite.

Associated with psychological problems faced by the individual, the individual concerned is generally less or even not at all aware Suppose, arrogant people who are sometimes not aware of his pride, so that lazy people are sometimes not aware of laziness, so it tends to leave and become chronic semamin. In contrast to physical problems, if someone gets physical problems, such as he experienced abdominal pain, the person is easily realized that he had problems with his stomach, so he tried to get away with buying drugs or come to the doctor, for example.

By and large, the problems faced by individuals stems from two factors, ie factors of the individual’s own self and environmental factors. When life was relatively simple, the problems that arise tend to be too simple, but in line with the development of human life which is too modern, as now, the problems seem to arise even more complex, including the problems associated with the psychological.

How to solve the problem? Efforts to address the problems or find a way out of problems encountered can be done through various ways, either by themselves or through the assistance of others. Help others are usually required when the problems it faces are considered too heavy and could no longer be overcome by himself. Although using the services of assistance to others, making and problem-solving activity lies in the individual.

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