Struggling with Math

Learning math and understanding the complexities may take some time. Results will usually not be achieved overnight, and a good tutor will already know this.

Not everyone is a math whiz. Some students struggle with this subject no matter how good the teacher is, and no matter how much they study, they still have problems grasping the whole concept. Math is just beyond understanding for many people, and it is not just students who have this problem-some adults cannot master this often tricky subject. In many cases, math tutoring is often the only way to bring grades up to an acceptable, passing level.

How can someone make math less complicated and easier to understand? By being able to explain the process step by step in such a manner that the student finds it less complicated, can see what is involved in problem solving, and eventually is able to have the confidence to work through problems on his or her own. The tutor, no matter how qualified to teach math must also be able to explain the process in clear and concise terms so the student is able to comprehend the meaning. He or she must also have patience and very effective communication skills to be successful.


Parents do not make good tutors, even if math comes particularly easy to them. Tutoring your own child is not recommended simply because there may be tension and resentment involved if the sessions don’t go as well as planned. The parent/tutor may often have expectations that are too high, or go in the opposite direction, and be more lenient than he or she should be. It is much better to hire someone with the skills needed who will be completely neutral to the situation. This person will come to the home to teach at regular times, and have no set expectations at first.

Learning math and understanding the complexities may take some time. Results will usually not be achieved overnight, and a good tutor will already know this. He or she must spend some time with the student, asking questions pertaining to particular problems to be able to ascertain what type of study lessons to prepare. A person who just comes to your home for the sole purpose of  “teaching” facts and figures is not going to be very effective.

When seeking a qualified math tutor always ask for credentials, and most importantly, references of past clients. Speaking with those people will giver you greater insight into the teaching methods and the effectiveness of those methods. Former students, their achievements, and personal satisfaction will be the best incentives you have toward the hiring of a certain tutor. Any student who is having any sort of problems with math can most certainly benefit from a little (or a lot) of math tutoring as long as the person teaching him or her has a great understanding of the problems and the subject itself.

Math tutoring can also be done online through special services that offer qualified candidates at their website. This gives you a chance to view certain profiles, and the experience and expertise in the field of math subjects. Some of these candidates may be college students, former teachers or professors of the subject, or even someone who just may be a natural math whiz. Check the qualifications and call the references if a face-to-face meeting is not possible. The sessions may then be conducted directly over the internet, with the child studying from the comfort of his or her own home. Either way, a good tutor can make all the difference in the learning capabilities and academic grades of any student. As long as it is understood that results make take some time to show improvement, tutoring is a wonderful way to give assistance to a student who is having a bit of trouble attaining good grades.

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