Seven “Wonders” The Human Body

Not only the earth that have the seven wonders of the world. The human body also appeared to save a lot of amazing things are difficult to explain with logic.

Not only the earth that have the seven wonders of the world. The human body also appeared to save a lot of amazing things are difficult to explain with logic.

1 The Golden Ratio.

Every part of the human body proved to be a matter of mathematics. Believe it or not, the Fibonacci numbers we encounter in the book Da Vinci Code, was also there in our own bodies. Numbers Phi (1:1,61) is the number we’ll get every time we measure every inch of our bodies.
Try our hand knuckle look. The second segment of the tip size 1.618 times longer than the last segment, and so on. The formula phi is also we encounter on our faces. The length of our nose versus mouth width 1:1,618 compared from end to end. Front teeth with the tooth next to it is also 1.1618 times larger size. This is called The Golden Ratio.
Dr. Stephen Marquardt has even made a mask of beauty based on the golden ratio, and the people who have the closest face of the structure of this mask is a girl who had recognized her beauty, like Queen Nefertiti. But the face we can also fit into the golden ratio mask, really. You see, every time we laugh, we’ll get closer to the size of phi. So, do not frown!

2 Sidik Tongue

In addition to fingerprints, it turns our tongue also has a unique pattern that is not owned by anyone else. Hmm, do-do in the future we will make passports with fingerprint tongue, here. Hehehe …

3 Life and Death

When we read this post, actually there are about 50 thousand of dead cells in our bodies. But, at the same time, also born 50 thousand new cells that replace it (except in the brain, which could not grow new cells.) Wow, it turns out very active body, huh? At the same time, to digest the contents of this sentence, the message is delivered to the brain at speeds reaching 250 miles per hour!

4 Dwelling Bacteria

One person living organisms that humans have more than the sum of all human beings on earth. You see, within 1 inch of the human body, it is home to approximately 32 million bacteria!

5 Hot or Cold?

Never eat hot food and cold, right? No matter how hot or cold food, but we still can accept the tongue. This is because we adjust the temperature of foods mouth into a normal temperature, so that we can finally swallow. That is, the mouth will cool the hot food, and warm up the cold food. Well, it turns out our mouths are like a microwave and refrigerator, here.

6 Anti Wrinkles!

Besides can relieve stress, it can also laugh strengthen the immune system, you know. And, according to research, children laugh about 300 times each day, while adults only laugh 15-100 times. What are their lives in such a weight, huh? Hehehe … And, do not be surprised also if the adult is so quick look old. You see, every 2,000 times we face contorted (eg due to upset or frown), then comes the line wrinkles. So, do not be lazy laugh!

7 Self-healing

Our bodies are like Claire turned out to Bennett on Heroes who can heal itself. You see, every wound would have healed us, and our bodies have a “miracle” to form a new body part. For example ya, because our feet hurt in hit a rock. Over time, cells in the body will form a network of flesh and new skin to cover up these scars. However, it turns out there is one part of the body can not heal itself you know, that tooth. If we keep teeth fall out, do not expect to grow new teeth.

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    Wow interesting article, some stuff I never knew. Obviously you realise that you can eat foods at different temperatures, but you don’t actually think about what your mouth’s doing to make that happen!

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    Nice article

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    Interesting to know about. Thanks!

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