Izodiaque Compatibility Numerology – People Born on 6Th, 15th and 24th of any Month

Compatibility Numerology.

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In this lecture I will be talking about Number 6 people in relationship with other numbers. Number 6 is a feminine number and is a benefic number. Number 6 people are very romantic and through out their life they keep on looking for opposite sex. Most of them will have a relationship outside their marriage.

Number 6 people in relationship with other numbers. Please note that here psychic number is to be seen. So people born on 6, 15 and 24 are psychic number 6.

6 & 1: 6 doesn’t like to be in discipline. 1 is practical and straight forward. 6 and 1 are very different when it comes to approach towards life. Number 1 are generally committed and do not have flirtish tendencies on the other hand Number 6 people have serious flirtish tendencies. Number 1 will not be able to stand their partners flirting with others. This matching is not recommended.

6 & 2: In astrology, Moon and Venus are enemies. 6 is Venus and 2 is Moon. Both have flirtish tendencies. Both are feminine numbers. Both are moody as well. Not recommended to get married.

6 & 3: Mostly all the numbers are attracted to 6. 3 is no exception. 3 being Jupiter and very powerful, still get attracted to 6. 3’s are beneficial for 6 however 6’s are not beneficial to 3. This match is seen to be working very well. Although clash can be their due to ego issues.

6 & 4: One of the best matches. 4’s are not very posessive and hence they can have normal married life with 6.

6 & 5: 5 and 6 gel well. They get friendly very soon and if they get attracted to each other their relationships start very soon. But at times it is seen that they end very soon as well. Both numbers like entertainment and like to be in the limelight. Recommended to go for each other.

6 & 6: Good combination. 6 is a strong number. Both are romantic, sensitive and sensual. Both will be able to understand each other well.

6 & 7: 6 and 7 will do well together. 7 likes visualizing and are romantic as well. They have their own way of expressing which is often liked by 6.

6 & 8: Very difficult to predict about this combination. Here number 8 will mostly suffer. Anyways number 8 people are not lucky in terms of relationships. With number 6 being flirtish they might suffer all the way more. Most number 8’s are simple and straight forward and may have to suffer a lot being with number 6.

6 & 9: Both are exactly opposites and will do well as life partners. But number 9 will not be able to stand their partners going for relationships outside their marriage.

Please note the psychic number gets positive and negative depending upon the destiny and name number they are associated with.

The above analysis is just an indication. Generally a detailed analysis is suggested before getting married. Also depending upon the actual date of birth results may be different.

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