Interesting Facts About Hands

Are you familiar with, carry them around with you, you can not imagine life without them and yet do not know everything about them. Your hands before you hide a few secrets in this moment with us, you can detect. What you did not know about them?

They are extremely vulnerable
The human body is built to withstand anything, but everyone of us sometimes lucky enough to have any injury. Up to one third common injuries associated with their hands. According to medical surveys, two thirds of these injuries happen to peopleduring work, while 1 in 6 injuries related to the fingers.

With regard to sports injuries, even in these statistics is not a shortage of hands. One quarter of accidents has been associated with athletic injuries of hands or wrists.Securely hand or not in terms of fire. Burns are the most common body parts.

Hands confirm its unique position in the area of ​​congenital anomalies. 1 of 6 defectswith which people are born, with arms linked. However, it seems that the anomalieshave certain rules and regularities. According to surveys, white children have a 1-foldgreater likelihood of accrete fingers as black children. These in turn 10 times more frequently born with an increased number of fingers.

If you should lose one of the fingers, according to experts, should you choose toindex. Although it does not appear, in terms of practicality and use of the fingers is said to least important. On this subject should be able to express Akshat Saxena,who holds the world record for the largest number of fingers. On each hand has 7fingers and make them worse, the toes is equal 20th

Numbers that will surprise
Normal human upper limb is composed of 29 bones and 34 muscles that move them.17 of them located on the palm. Fingers do not have any muscles. Those who movethem are in hand. Feeling in the limb nerves 48 provides that in humans acts in two ways, in terms of dominance. People who use the dominant left hand is in fact quite a few.

12.6 percent of men have a dominant left hand, while women ľaváčok is only 9.9percent. Regarding the number of people with two left hands, this information will notget us.
Palm and fingers
The skin over the palm rest of the body špecifická particularly those that have specific structure. In addition to her growing body hair and has the ability to tan. Althoughmany people praise the unusual curved fingers, in fact they are the exception ratherstraight fingers. Usually the index finger, ring finger and little finger are directed by a mediator. It may be slightly diverted in both directions.

To let the entire human grew up, he needs six months, which is about 2 times fasterthan the growth of toenails. The longest fingernails in the world should Shidhar Chillall.620 cm in length it grew 48 years. It should manicurist joy.

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