How to Take a Percent Off of a Price

For all you who havent learned.

Okay so i’ve been seeing lots of people at stores with like claculators to find percents off a price. So i thought i’d teach you how to find it mentally since for some reason many of you don’t know :) here goes. Okay so if you want to get 10% off a price this is what you do. First you round to the nearest dollar.say you want to get something thaat is $28.70 round that to $ you put a decimal before the number thats in the ones spot like this 2.9 and whatyou get is how much money you take off of the original price. Now say you want to get 5% off of something you just find 10% off and then divide what you get by 2. So like this using our first amount 2.9 divided by 2= 1.45 and thats the amount you would take off. Okay now lets find 20%. First you find 10% off of the number and then you just multiply it by 2!! Its simple isnt it!! Lets try..find 10% off of $29 get 2.9 then multiply 2.9•2= 5.8 and then you would take $5.80 off of $29. Now 30% you just do the same thing find 10%multiply by 3. $29-10%=2.9-20%=5.8-30%=8.7. Now for every other number you need just follow the same patter lets try 50%. $29 find 10% off= 2.9 multiply2.9 by 5 to get 50% and you should get 14.5 off. Okay so now you know :) no more calculators !!! Youre too smart for that.

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