Here’s Some Stats for You

To back up some of this.

Going to add links to show whats going on in our country; When a company secuded to pack up and go to another country guess those pays there moving expences? If you said we taxpayers you Right and if ask Jeves is right the costs us. and this too; and this too. I’LL bet the kock brother won’t be on the streets with machine guns either;They don’t want to die that’s why Romney went to France to avoid veitman and Ted Nugent shit on him self  so they would have to go into real war they leave that up to us losers well so called losers any way. Hey Teddy if a civil war were to happen this will be in your face this time where will you run to shiting on your self won’t get you out of this conflict sir in all due. respect let’s solve our and put the boxing glove away waving lives on both sides of the coin OK.

The United States According to Quinn (age 17) (Photo credit: quinn.anya)

Ted Nugent live in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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