He is The Smartest Man in The World. Has an Iq of 230

Many call them geniuses, others think of them as they’re weird that can not adjust to normal life, that we go. But they are people who have helped develop the world we live in, inventing things that are indispensable.

At age eight Terrence Tao produced a 760 on the SAT exam in 1995, he obtained a PhD from Princeton at age 20 years and 24 years became the youngest professor at UCLA.

IQ was measured at 230 or by the Davidson Institute. Tao said he learned to read from Seasame Street series.

Christopher Hirata has an IQ of 225

Hirata has “ditched school and at age 16 he was already working on a project with NASA about a possible colonization of Mars. Princeton University newspaper said he has an IQ of 225, according to tests carried out.

Kim Ung-yong has an IQ of 210
At age four he was able to read Japanese, Korean, German and English. In five years, solving differential equations and integral calculations. Later, invited to a Japanese television, has demonstrated fluency in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, tagalong, German, English, Japanese and Korean. Three years ago, when other children are fascinated by the colorful books, Kim has been invited to physics of Hanyang University and six years spent his time with scientists at NASA. He worked there until 1978, when he shifted and choose civil engineering, where he received his doctorate. He was offered the opportunity to study at prestigious universities in Korea, but chose a provincial university, where he works today.

Christopher Michael Langan has an IQ of 195

Langan has achieved the best results from the SAT, but dropped Montana State University, after it concluded that teachers are not enough to teach him preatiti. IQ and varies between 195 and 210. Langan began to speak six languages ​​and began to read at the age of 3 years.

Christopher said that for many years lived a double life, working to help his family during the day and night solving complicated equations.

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