Law Geometry

Right triangular -

If Abmshi"aza of perspectives just like 30, opposite part just like 50 percent a allow (and vice versa). Triangle is known as the "golden triangular."

Middle the relax Abmshi”aza just like 50 percent a allow (and vice versa)
Pythagorean theorem (a opposite law)
More Abmshi”aza some size into two triangles just like each other and the unique triangle
More Abmshi”aza size is the geometrical mean of the responsibilities placed on others. (And vice versa)
(Euclid Law) – Abmshi”aza status is the geometrical mean of the allow and Hitler’’s status on other things.

Section indicates the triangular -

Section provides a identical indicates 50 percent of it.
Outgoing mid-rib area just like the platform is a item indicates.
This provides a corresponding section is a section than 50 percent actions.

Sides and perspectives of the triangular of interaction between them -

If one part of a huge triangular / equivalent part of second, first at the front side of a huge position / is just like the position opposite the second.
Equality and equivalent factors organised their mom.
Non-triangle equality
Triangle position sum just like 180
Conclusion: The exterior position triangular is equal to the sum of perspectives in a triangular unindexed.

Honest important -

Normal indicates -

Each factor on the plumb indicates the part is the same range from both finishes of the area (and viceversa – each factor …)
The three verticals center triangular fulfill at one point

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